Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Fate and destiny.

Ive learnt that everything happens for a reason.

1) I chose not to be in science stream class. Fated. If i was to be a science stream student in 2000, I may not have been friends with Nairus, Najjah, Hanie, and other Muadzam's friends.

2) If I studied science, and did well, i may now become a doctor just like my bestfriend. I would probably fail as a doctor, for the fact that i get damn exhausted easily. Being a doctor would make me die faster. Haha. Again, Allah knows what's the best for me.

3) Wrongly took up the educational degree. Haha. I think I am destined to be an educator. I can feel it!

4) To be brokenhearted just about the same time as my bestfriend. Fated. It brought us closer just like the old times. Though we're busy with our career, we still managed to try and find a little time for each other. We talk almost everyday of the week just like when we're apart while doing our tertiary study.

I dont know. I am still trying to be a good Muslim. Still trying hard to be one. I am far from perfection. I give up hope and faith sometimes when faced by obstacles. But im glad i have friends on my side who always keep me on the right track again.

I believe that there are reasons for every single thing that had happened or is happening or going to happen in my life. He made the best plan for all of His servant. Allahuakbar. Only He knows what the reasons are.

I know there'll be a better future ahead of me. InsyaAllah.

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