Saturday, 21 February 2009

just why laahh???

GUYS and HONDAs. EK to be specific. why? huh! i just dont understand why do guys fancy Honda EK so much.. ive couple of ppl i know who drives an EK, who's gonna buy an EK, whose dream car is EK. erghh!! i dont get it. just why la? VTEC besar. tu je jawapan yg aku salu dapat.. hmmm, i just found out my long long lost ex-bf also drives a Honda EK. hmmm, well, even zam pun nak beli second car die EK. lahaiiiii... bosan. aku dah bosan naik n drive EK.. halim pun pakai EK. ewhhhh, get a life la guys..!! cam takde kete len ke nak wat jadi kete idaman? i mean, like, ok, i love honda jazz.. cus of the fact that it's kind of a compact, n cute n small n easy to handle with side parkings n all.. hmmmm, n i love the new civic too.. but nape sume org laki cume suke EK? tak faham... bli la city baru tu ke.. kan cantek? hmmmm, halim, ive gave him a full of support if he's having strong thots of getting him his dream car.. but, 12years of age? that car is so tua.. da banyak kali aku larang, but he insist of buying it.. siap sorok2.. hmmm, sukati la.. now, he end up facing major breakdown while he's on his way from mlc to office last mth. something to do with the drive shaft. semoga Allah memberkati die. amiin~

Friday, 20 February 2009

a slight update

LIFE. life's just okay.

LOVE. love's been the worst. i dunno y nazrin made a decision just like that without ever want to discuss it over. I HATE HIM!! i do. but, there's times when i miss him. (confused hah? ya, me too). i hate you nazrin. giving hopes n ruin things just as easy. kuanghaja! (pls say the word like nairus' n fairuz's version). huuuu, u know it's very dissapointing.. i just spill about our rship to aina.. sedih that it cudnt work out AGAIN. 10,000,000th time now. bosan je aina nak dengar. so, ive decided not to tell aina pulak bout the split. gile.. pamie dah pesan, dont go too rush in future.. i dont. i din. nazrin did!! die yg rushing2 into it so much.. sayang, blablabla itu.. sayang, blablabla ini.. sayang i sket.. all the craps.. ewh.. eerghhh! i am so not over it ke? relax nadia, it's a phase... just a phase.. haha.. cakap kat zul bukan main pandal lagi.. phase la ape la... wekk.. ppl..

WORK/OFFICE. work's never been more stressful. dgn pending daily reports since 30th jan until 17th feb. it's half a mth man.. i cant believe that zam cud be that selfish when i was on my medical leave. man, gdm! i was sick...!! n yati n azmi pon tak bleh plak nak pakse zam suh wat eh? tqvm all. tqvm. it's my day now. urs will come one day. huh! REVENGE!! GRUDGES!! ya Allah, busuknye ati aku.. huh! nak wat camne.. like mashe consoled me, saying : nard, kdg2 kawan2 ni pun susah gak nak ckp.. hmmm, mmg pon!! balek2 aku je yg kene buli. mentang2 la aku ni lemah... duuh!! hmm, well, oh yes.. OM team dah reshuffle balek.. nazri gi injap, halim's taking his place, humai ganti uncle krishnan jadi driver halim, while uncle krishnan jadi driver team bani.. bani dah pening dari pagi semalam mikirkan masalah berdepek datang atas bahu.. haishhh.. owh, n acik plak masuk geng abg hamzah.. hahhh, amek ko reshuffle cam haram.. zam plak, taking halim's mwo part.. halim kene handle team 2A.. hell dowhh for him.. that's seriously a total disaster.. halim sangat tidak mahu handle site balek.. he's been there last year for a few mths.. dan mcm2 die merungut dengan penuh hampe.. dahla takleh nak ot, pastu huuuhh, kalao aku, part yg paling aku benci is when it comes to month end n u have to settle all of the ot chit for the team members. huh! tough2!! god bless him.. n fyi, we're still not in talking term.. but yeah he did text me while i was hospitalized the other day but i din replied his sms ever.. up until now.. jahat kan aku? no, i just cant accept what he'd said to me.. he said it into my face.. pointing his finger.. into my face.. seriously man, i cant accept that.. im sorry.. kau mintak maaf jela dengan tuhan k.. i think ive already done my part ..

Friday, 13 February 2009

blog warming greetings

Assalamualaikum.. :8)

i dunno y but as i wake up tadi ive decided to blog seriously. ngee~ i just love to share my thots n opinions, my feelings.. so i said y not? hmmmm.. ive blogged in my ofis blog site but the moderator once told me that the thing only can be seen by the owner je.. aiks? klaka ok..

ok, it's 5 to 8 now. im still on my bed. nak basuh baju, mak da potong line.. :8( terpaksela tunggu.. erk..

oh yes. smlm i went out n lepaks2 with my dear gf zt. hang around her bilik. do some catchups. dah bertaon tak jumpe boleh? padehal duk punyela dekat.. owh, what a bz women we are.. (poyo!).. ok, the updates!! zt dah almost 2 years working as a PA to an architect kat jkr yg tempat aunty waheeda keje tu.. next to medan mara there.. owh, what a story.. n lagi hangat zt bleh eh bercinte ngan mamat satu boss ngan aku.. uik uik.. (neways, samat maju jaye la zt on ur rship ok!). hmm, i never asked what his name is. tapi, the bf is from pj ofis. hmmm, lagi.. owh, it's very sad to hear bile zt cakap mak die saket.. suffering from colon cancer.. (bless her!).. syian mak zt.. nearly 3mths now after she's diagnosed. now, zt tgh sibuk2 settlekan for her to transfer to seremban so that die bleh jage mak die kat sane.. but si sengal ni belum lagi submit form tu to JPA. hadoi la zt.. well, papepun.. let us pray for her mother's wellness..

well, earlier last nite jugak nadia texted me kate nak cite masalah hangat.. i said ok im all ears.. lahaiii.. sian minah ni.. die sedang head over heel for a guy yg oredi engaged. hmmm..

aku tengah tunggu bila dia nak datang n cerita masalah dia tu kat aku.


Monday, 9 February 2009


am currently browsing the net straight from my hospital bed.. (chehh.. bleh wat lagu emo mcr baru!!) hikhikhik.. nothing serious kot.. to me la… but to nairus, wah.. die yg lebih freakout sbb my blood pressure was low for the past week.. it went lower and lower that i din drive myself to the clinic.. (thx to su ali, zam dan pakcik2 teksi dan Pn Nora of course yg membawa saye ke Reddy– here we go again.. anor memo di Reddy ring my head.. haha.. lame gile perangai!!)

well, nothing much.. tadi Dr Fazilah wat rounding.. n she said.. im free je kalao nak balek.. boleh aje dilepaskan.. but, i chose to stay here.. memikirkan kerja-kerja di SYABAS yg piling up.. pending… sume menanti kedatangan Cik Nadia ni untuk settlekan, pening kepale aku… dengan zam yg kejam tu.. huh! (ko bace ni zam.. pengkhianat bangse!!)

oh yes, zul baru pulang… die datang amek id die nk gi ofis jap.. n Pak Yeop n Abg Osman Bunge pun drop by jap td.. membawe buah2an.. hehehehe.. i was entertained having them around.. when pak yeop cakap pasal his fishing comp kat titiwangse die dapat tangkap kure2.. hahahahahaha.. klaka gile.. n the peaks were like when we ngumpat like hell bout the management.. >;8) ha ha ha… oh ye, tadi juge Miss Reggy The Cutest Bb datang.. b4 she went off to mlc.. ngan family die.. die drop by sum sup tulang she bought from yusop haslam.. hehehehe… (aku belum mkn lagi reggy… soriii.. too full.. kang ai mamam ye.. :8)) oh, yes, not to be forgotten of course, CK pun datang tadi n managed to hear sum HOT stories dari die.. yehey!!! serunuk kan….? keje cam CK.. hihihihi.. jeles3… nak KJ, CK.. aku nak KJ!!!! ngahahahahahaha…

n oh, kak fetti da discharged da.. dah slamat discharged.. die sangat happy.. Dr Fazilah bagi die mc for like 3-4 days kot tadi aku dgr.. if im not mistaken la… but niting pon, aku da exchange our fon nums.. senang la kot2 de masalah banking/bekalan air.. senang nak ring up kan? hihi..

tadi ayah n makyah drop by… just to check whether im doin fine or not.. u know, it feels great to get to know the fact that ppl actually concern about u… but it tends to happenned when u’re sick, not feeling well, not in a good condition so called n so forth.. heh! bosan! but, im liking this.. im surrounded by loveable line ups of frens n relatives… (yeah! nadia mmg disayangi..!)

so, i’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who had dropping me a visit..

ck, en muhaizam ahmad, fairol anuar zahari, airil yeop, amirul, abg sham, mak, along, boy, babah abd aziz ali, babahku ab aziz ab wahab of course…, pamie, kid jogging partnerku, Nairus n Fairuz (how can i forget?).. hmmmm… siti nadia n fren, aida izit? (sorry if i get that wrong), cousins… kak wa, oshin n atien.. shaharil n fifa from global globe.. pakyob n abg osman bunge.. who else? owh, yes… how can i forgot.. Zul Azri Sharim, Yayan dan Khairun Najjah (thx for the visits.. thx for accompanying me… hihihi.. thx for the lappy zul.. mirul, thx for the blue cube.. najj baby, thx for the MELMAN.. i lov u..!!)

and the donuts from all of u guys.. haha… thx sbb sudi layan kemengade2an aku pada ari pertama aku di sini.. yehey!!!

erghhh.. so far, tu je kot yg aku nak jot down here.. a few highlights.. nanti pape i’ll let u know later aite… :8))

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