Thursday, 19 May 2011

Oh Surat Lah Khabar.

I realised that I don't read newspaper that much. Yea, I would make my way upstairs in the office, and ONLY browse through the pages, skimming the headlines and enjoying the colours of pictures in it. But I only do that when I get too tired of staring at my desktop monitor, or when I need to relieve my backache.

Recently, this morning, I came up with a conclusion that I ONLY read newspapers/tabloids over breakfast. You know, when you like to have your nasi lemak with extra sambal that the sambal overflowed from the packing, and that you need to alas the table with suratkhabar lama? Yes. That!

And if you're wondering, yes, indeed, I read backdated news!

But that doesn't mean that I am outdated.

I own a Twitter account, okay! *wink*

You guys have a good day ahead ya?
B. Disgrace

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Kawan Oh Kawan

kau dah packing belum?

belum. abu dhabi-kl macam kl-klang je.


buat aku sekarang ni.....

buat sekarang kau apa?

tak tahu. bos aku nak up gaji aku. so time nak pow ni lah

hamba duit betul. sudahlah kau lan!

aku takda hutang dalam hidup. so, aku bukan hamba duit. kau kena faham betul-betul.

yelah, kalau aku debate dengan kau mesti kau je asyik menang kan?

betul lah hamba duit tu org yg berkeje semata nak bayar hutang

yelah yelah yelah! aku hamba duit. senyap senyap! pencemaran bunyi..

aku tak cakap pun. aku bagi maksud je.

(lepas tu dia "hehehehehehe" penuh makna)


Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Unhygienic Retards

So, it happened that two days back, the Technical Manager went down to my office and held a meeting with the boys. Matter arose -  Pump House Department is going to shift into our building. Immediate effect.

Btw, when my TM arrived to my workstation, I asked him, "Boss, datang sini tak bawak goreng pisang ke? Berlenggang je boss..!?". (The second line was so spontaneous that I never realised it's going to come out). He then replied, "Saya nak beli tadi tapi dah habis..". (Liar!).

Back to the Pump Operators moving into the same building with us, I was totally okay with it (at the first place, at least). I thought, it's not like they're going to "bug" us around since they're always on the go. They are supposed to make rounds (I'm not sure of how many times a day) to the pump houses that are put under their responsibility. Say like 5 to 8 pump houses kot. I'm not sure. I've never work in that department. But I do have one adopted reservoir though! But, that's a different story.

Well, I had to go to work today (yea, go ahead and call me a loser for working on national public holiday, but I really do enjoy working on odd days. Less crappy people around). Arrived at 10am or so. I straightly started on my work since then. A few hours after that I went to the unisex to wash my Coke glass and pee.

Come outs?


Don't know?

Try to guess again.

No idea? Scroll down, then.

(I wanted to upload the real photo of "it" in a toilet bowl, unflushed. However, I can't help but to feel queasy). 

Gross? Hell YEAH, for heaven's sake! I don't know if I can stand with another bunch of old unhygienic people there. We've already had a few old retards in the department.

Monday, 16 May 2011

(Real) Teacher's Day Entry

When I was still in primary school, I used to have an English tutor who home-tuitioned me on weekends. He was a long time friend of my late father. His name was Cikgu Rashid. He's an English teacher at La Salle Brickfields at that time.

I've been always love English since forever. Since the first children's novel that my father bought me, the first spelling book in Standard One. :) I still remember the time during English Week at school. All of the pupils had to wear "ENGLISH IS FUN" badge and.. okay, enough about English and fun.

Cikgu Rashid was very softly spoken. He had fair skin and he's pretty tall. We would start at 3pm and finish around 7pm which then he would join us for dinner. Mak and Babah insisted.

Since Babah passed away, we have been lost contacted for quite a while. I hope he's doing well now. And always.

Anyway, I would like to wish a very Happy Teacher's Day to all of the teachers out there! You guys rock! Hey, I'm one of you too, in the making! Hee. That makes me rock too right? Heeee.

All my English teachers.
My art teacher, Miss Mazrina.
All my Form Teachers. Including Puan SN Hawa, Puan Azlinda Aziz, Cikgu Julia.
My Maths teachers.
My Add Maths teachers.
The coolest History teacher ever!, Cikgu Zulhisham.
My Physics and Chemistry teacher. Cikgu Zamani and Cikgu Shukri.
My Civil Engineering Education teacher, Cikgu Hamzah.
Alah, semualah! Including my current lecturers! ;)


Mari Mengenal Binatang

(Since we are celebrating Teacher's Day today).



Tiger - Isn't he cute?

Now, this one? Easy. He's a PIG.

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Married or getting married? Oh yea, TAHNIAH!

How many of you are married? Put your hands up! Hmmmm. Okay. Most of y'all are already married at your young age and indeed are living with full of happiness with your own keluarga asas.


Yea, you tie the knot. Move into your own-rented apartment. Have your very first kid within a year (mostly). Have more kids after that. Bla bla bla. Happy happy happy..

But have this thought ever crossed your mind? That, (in some cases) you are only emotionally and hmmmmm physically of course attached with your wife (and kids too)? You don't get it, right?

Well, here's why.

From my own observation, nine out of 10 people made personal loan at bank or any other financial institution. Long story short, they used the money for their wedding reception(s), hantaran and worse, they would actually use it for the mas kahwin too.

There's this one time that a friend told me that in Islam, it is said in the Quran (or Hadith--I'm not sure) that we are encouraged to invest in gold. But if you cannot afford to actually buy the gold, Islam does not promote you to make debts in order to buy them.

Hmmm, relevance on this post??

Here's! My point. Islam discouraged us from involving with debts in the interest of possessing something that is not affordable to you.

Number two. If we were not to view this case on religious-basis, I still make sense. No, you still don't get it? Okay. Let me tell you then.

In the simplest form, take a hire purchase commitment for example. Cars. Oh, yea, technically, the car is yours because it is your name on the car grant. But, we are all aware that the truth is that it is still owned by the bank. Yep! Not until you're done with the total loan amount together with its interest. Say for like what, on average, for a minimum of nine years or seven at least (with or) without downpayment. AND, if you fail to settle the monthly payment, the bank will repossess the car that you own (or should I say that THEY OWNED?).

Now. Are you with me?

And well, yea, that was it!

This could be an idiotical opinion to you. But, at some point, I think it makes sense. :)

Wives and cars. They're not entirely yours, if you marry them from the money that you get from a bank loan.

Friday, 6 May 2011

Bisnes Cupcakes Kawan Saya :)


Hi. :)

Entri ni entri promosi. A girlfriend just started a small online biz, selling cupcakes. :D Jadi, I am here to help her promoting those cute lil cuppies. Siapa-siapa nak beli bolehlah visit blog dia. You can check all the details--on prices, flavours, payment methods etc--there.

Mother's Day is this coming Ahad, Father's Day will be in June. So, siapa-siapa yang berminat nak order tu boleh drop your order or enquiry at the comment box. :)

Selain Mother's Day, Father's Day, birthdays, anniversaries dan lain-lain, korang juga boleh buat order untuk hantaran masa bertunang ke, hantaran kahwin ke kan. Cuma rasanya kena buat tempahan 3 days before collection date. :)

Kat bawah ni contoh gambar cupcakes dalam box dia. Ringan-ringankanlah tangan untuk klik kat link berwarna pink bawah gambar tu untuk terus melawat blog cupcakesbydoll

Thank you. Terima kasih. Gracias.