Monday, 16 May 2011

(Real) Teacher's Day Entry

When I was still in primary school, I used to have an English tutor who home-tuitioned me on weekends. He was a long time friend of my late father. His name was Cikgu Rashid. He's an English teacher at La Salle Brickfields at that time.

I've been always love English since forever. Since the first children's novel that my father bought me, the first spelling book in Standard One. :) I still remember the time during English Week at school. All of the pupils had to wear "ENGLISH IS FUN" badge and.. okay, enough about English and fun.

Cikgu Rashid was very softly spoken. He had fair skin and he's pretty tall. We would start at 3pm and finish around 7pm which then he would join us for dinner. Mak and Babah insisted.

Since Babah passed away, we have been lost contacted for quite a while. I hope he's doing well now. And always.

Anyway, I would like to wish a very Happy Teacher's Day to all of the teachers out there! You guys rock! Hey, I'm one of you too, in the making! Hee. That makes me rock too right? Heeee.

All my English teachers.
My art teacher, Miss Mazrina.
All my Form Teachers. Including Puan SN Hawa, Puan Azlinda Aziz, Cikgu Julia.
My Maths teachers.
My Add Maths teachers.
The coolest History teacher ever!, Cikgu Zulhisham.
My Physics and Chemistry teacher. Cikgu Zamani and Cikgu Shukri.
My Civil Engineering Education teacher, Cikgu Hamzah.
Alah, semualah! Including my current lecturers! ;)


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