Saturday, 14 May 2011

Married or getting married? Oh yea, TAHNIAH!

How many of you are married? Put your hands up! Hmmmm. Okay. Most of y'all are already married at your young age and indeed are living with full of happiness with your own keluarga asas.


Yea, you tie the knot. Move into your own-rented apartment. Have your very first kid within a year (mostly). Have more kids after that. Bla bla bla. Happy happy happy..

But have this thought ever crossed your mind? That, (in some cases) you are only emotionally and hmmmmm physically of course attached with your wife (and kids too)? You don't get it, right?

Well, here's why.

From my own observation, nine out of 10 people made personal loan at bank or any other financial institution. Long story short, they used the money for their wedding reception(s), hantaran and worse, they would actually use it for the mas kahwin too.

There's this one time that a friend told me that in Islam, it is said in the Quran (or Hadith--I'm not sure) that we are encouraged to invest in gold. But if you cannot afford to actually buy the gold, Islam does not promote you to make debts in order to buy them.

Hmmm, relevance on this post??

Here's! My point. Islam discouraged us from involving with debts in the interest of possessing something that is not affordable to you.

Number two. If we were not to view this case on religious-basis, I still make sense. No, you still don't get it? Okay. Let me tell you then.

In the simplest form, take a hire purchase commitment for example. Cars. Oh, yea, technically, the car is yours because it is your name on the car grant. But, we are all aware that the truth is that it is still owned by the bank. Yep! Not until you're done with the total loan amount together with its interest. Say for like what, on average, for a minimum of nine years or seven at least (with or) without downpayment. AND, if you fail to settle the monthly payment, the bank will repossess the car that you own (or should I say that THEY OWNED?).

Now. Are you with me?

And well, yea, that was it!

This could be an idiotical opinion to you. But, at some point, I think it makes sense. :)

Wives and cars. They're not entirely yours, if you marry them from the money that you get from a bank loan.


  1. Err, conclusion nya..guna la duit sendiri bila nak kahwin or pinjam la duit makayah ;)

  2. technically, kalau guna fund from parents sama je. conclusion is, pakai duit sendiri. if u cannot afford big receptions, buat yang wajib je. :D