Thursday, 19 May 2011

Oh Surat Lah Khabar.

I realised that I don't read newspaper that much. Yea, I would make my way upstairs in the office, and ONLY browse through the pages, skimming the headlines and enjoying the colours of pictures in it. But I only do that when I get too tired of staring at my desktop monitor, or when I need to relieve my backache.

Recently, this morning, I came up with a conclusion that I ONLY read newspapers/tabloids over breakfast. You know, when you like to have your nasi lemak with extra sambal that the sambal overflowed from the packing, and that you need to alas the table with suratkhabar lama? Yes. That!

And if you're wondering, yes, indeed, I read backdated news!

But that doesn't mean that I am outdated.

I own a Twitter account, okay! *wink*

You guys have a good day ahead ya?
B. Disgrace

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