Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Unhygienic Retards

So, it happened that two days back, the Technical Manager went down to my office and held a meeting with the boys. Matter arose -  Pump House Department is going to shift into our building. Immediate effect.

Btw, when my TM arrived to my workstation, I asked him, "Boss, datang sini tak bawak goreng pisang ke? Berlenggang je boss..!?". (The second line was so spontaneous that I never realised it's going to come out). He then replied, "Saya nak beli tadi tapi dah habis..". (Liar!).

Back to the Pump Operators moving into the same building with us, I was totally okay with it (at the first place, at least). I thought, it's not like they're going to "bug" us around since they're always on the go. They are supposed to make rounds (I'm not sure of how many times a day) to the pump houses that are put under their responsibility. Say like 5 to 8 pump houses kot. I'm not sure. I've never work in that department. But I do have one adopted reservoir though! But, that's a different story.

Well, I had to go to work today (yea, go ahead and call me a loser for working on national public holiday, but I really do enjoy working on odd days. Less crappy people around). Arrived at 10am or so. I straightly started on my work since then. A few hours after that I went to the unisex to wash my Coke glass and pee.

Come outs?


Don't know?

Try to guess again.

No idea? Scroll down, then.

(I wanted to upload the real photo of "it" in a toilet bowl, unflushed. However, I can't help but to feel queasy). 

Gross? Hell YEAH, for heaven's sake! I don't know if I can stand with another bunch of old unhygienic people there. We've already had a few old retards in the department.

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