Monday, 25 July 2011


Looking for a car to rent?

Well, here's a good news for ya! I'm helping a friend here. I'm gonna make this entry real short and straight forward.

If you're interested in renting a new MyVi (A)* at RM 150/day, you're most welcome to contact Mr Amer Shueb at 017 - 3535 193 at any time of the day. Oh yes, there are different rates for weekly and monthly rental! :)

In case you're wondering how the car looked like, here's a pic of the car!

*the car for rent is in Black*


Happy renting and enjoy your drive!
B. Disgrace

* (A) - Automatic Transmission

Terbit Lagi

Rasa itu datang lagi. Rasa untuk menjalin kata-kata yang halus untuk memujuk hati yang parah. Perlu masa untuk itu. Aku tak mampu lagi untuk terus pendam segala itu dan ini. Semua harus dimuntahkan ke ruang ini supaya boleh terus mampu berpijak, bernafas dengan gagah.
Bait-bait itu melingkar bebas di minda rapuhku.

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Aku Bukan Aku Yang Dulu

Aku baru sedar yang aku ni hamba tv sekarang. *SoNotMe*

I cannot lead a teenage life like this. Remaja perlu menghabiskan at least sebahagian masa bersama rakan-rakan. Lepak. Talking nonsense and craps. Serious issues—politics, economics, common sense, love, life, future. Semua!

Ya, aku akui ada a few friends yang aku rindu sangat nak lepak—Aina (of course), Weck, Mawk, Piyya.

A few yg janji nak jumpa just tunggu I say when seperti Kak Awin and Seb and Ben too, i think.

Ramai dowh! Ezra lagi. Siapa lagi? Yes, AJ. I miss her. School kids jangan cakaplah. :(

Lately, aku terlalu komited dgn tv. Sekarang nak salahkan siapa? Salahkan pelakon-pelakon pujaanlah. Job diorang melambak-lambak keluar serentak. Siap clash pulak!

Paling teruk malam Selasa.

Ok kita mula dari Isnin ok?

Isnin :
2030 - Ejen Halal
2100 - Slot TV3
2200 - Cerita P Ramlee kat TV2

Selasa :
2130 - Vampire Diaries
2200 - Edisi Khas
2230 - Annissa
2230 - DH
2300 - Fuhhh!

Rabu :
2030 - Iktikad
2230 - Annissa

Khamis :
2030 - Iktikad
2030 - Telemovie TV9
2230 - Annissa

Jumaat :
2030 - Iktikad
2100 - Tahajjud Cinta

Sabtu :
2200 - Cerekarama

Ahad :
2100 - Stanza Cinta

And I'm not sure No Ordinary Family airing on Sundays or Mondays. Rasa macam Sunday. :)

Ha, lihatlah betapa aku seorang hamba tv. I was only into DH and Ugly Betty je tau dulu for tv series. Makin lama makin melampaulah! Aku rasa Supermak aku slow downkan sikitlah. Tengok dulu watak Abg Han macam mana, kalau menarik, continue. Kalau biasa je, on and off lah. :)

Lepas habis Annissa, aku taknak terjebak lagi dengan Samarinda.

Tolonglah! The office needs me! Iktikad tu pun aku on and off je. Tak tegar sangat. Ejen Halal pulak, selalu terlepas sebab khusyuk tengok news. Last-last terlajak sampai pukul 9. Rugi betul! Bagus rancangan tu.

Okay, enough already, babbling about tv! Goodnight!

Love! Love!
B. Disgrace

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Monday, 18 July 2011

Question! *sebut macam nyanyi lagu Miss Independent by Destiny's Child*

Fiancee to a friend posted this question as her Facebook status recently petang tadi.


*macam tu lah lebih kurang soalan dia*

I think, most of us pernah diajukan soalan yang sama, kan? Hmmm.. So, what say you?

I told her this : I fall for the guys with brain! He who makes sense. :)

Rationale : A person "with" a brain, will use his brain wisely. :)

Tapi, tak semua orang punya pendapat yang sama. Tepuk dada tanya selera. Heee~ Some may find differences as attaction. Say like, when you have differences, you will complete each other in every way (the differences may be). And, more space for both of you when you do your thingy seperately. More times spent away from each other means the more you'll miss them. Hehe. Tapi, ada yang tend to like a life partner who has the same interests with them, so that they can spend more of quality times together.

Itulah saya kata, tepuk dada tanya selera! :D

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Monday, 11 July 2011

Oh Well, Anyways...

The assignment's deadline's already reached. I just submitted it plus minus 2 hours ago! Pheww! Not proud of myself for this semester!

Semester ini pasti jahanam...

Lagi, I couldn't make it for Mashe/Azim's wedding reception in Templer. Azim's side. Gila. Dahlah tak attend for Mashe's side in Ipoh. Azim punya kat Rawang pun tak dapat pergi. Rasa tak sedap hati gila! I couldn't make it for my twin's engagement, and now, both of her receptions. :(

Tuhan je tahu how bad I feel. I am still breathing here in front of my almost-twelve-hours-switched-on laptop, out of guilt. Seriously, I hope Mashe would understand. I promised her that I would spend some time with her in the future, catching up. God, I miss her! I swear! Apapun, Mashe, aku doakan ko dengan Azim bahagia hingga hujung nyawa. Amiin. Have a blessful life and grow old together. Love ya, twin!

Okay, I should sleep. You guys have a good Moan-Day ahead, while I am going to the dentist tomorrow morning to extract this wisdom tooth that is killing me.

Cracking up;
B. Disgrace

Haha! This is funny!


I just realised that there's a missing word in my last two entry.

The title is supposed to be The Time Is Running Out Of Time.

OF was missing.

Okay. Bye!

Friday, 8 July 2011

It doesn't has to be fancy

Sometimes, being typical is good enough.

I don't want any fancy.

I don't need it to be fancy.

If you're a Mexican wrap, I would have you alone without the fillings.

And if you're an extreme cheese nachos, I would have you just like that without salsa dip.

No, I don't like white corn chips.

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Tuesday, 5 July 2011

The Time is Running Out Time. Haha!

Okay. I have FOUR unsettled assignments that need to be submitted on the 10th. Yes! 10th July! That's this coming Sunday!

Progression :

1) Workshop Management and Safety

- needs another 20% final touch up
- need to organise the references used in APA format

2) English for Technical Purposes

- Part A : Quite a "done" for me. :P
- already e-mailed to Ann for checkings :)
- Part B : Haven't started anything yet. *takut tak siap tapi MALAS GILA*
- Love the topic, but hate the fact that it's a discussion type of essay. Don't get a stand.
- Imagine : Advantages and Disadvantages of Nuclear Energy. *duhhhhhhhh*

3) Professional Ethics

- Still searching for resources :/
- I don't like this subject, so I delayed myself from doing any research for this assignment *which is not a good idea at all*

4) Curricullum Planning

- Progression is NIL


Tolong saya, saya malas gila semester ni!


Okay, back to work!


Hari ini adalah "Hari Bersama Esaimen"!! :D