Monday, 11 July 2011

Oh Well, Anyways...

The assignment's deadline's already reached. I just submitted it plus minus 2 hours ago! Pheww! Not proud of myself for this semester!

Semester ini pasti jahanam...

Lagi, I couldn't make it for Mashe/Azim's wedding reception in Templer. Azim's side. Gila. Dahlah tak attend for Mashe's side in Ipoh. Azim punya kat Rawang pun tak dapat pergi. Rasa tak sedap hati gila! I couldn't make it for my twin's engagement, and now, both of her receptions. :(

Tuhan je tahu how bad I feel. I am still breathing here in front of my almost-twelve-hours-switched-on laptop, out of guilt. Seriously, I hope Mashe would understand. I promised her that I would spend some time with her in the future, catching up. God, I miss her! I swear! Apapun, Mashe, aku doakan ko dengan Azim bahagia hingga hujung nyawa. Amiin. Have a blessful life and grow old together. Love ya, twin!

Okay, I should sleep. You guys have a good Moan-Day ahead, while I am going to the dentist tomorrow morning to extract this wisdom tooth that is killing me.

Cracking up;
B. Disgrace

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