Tuesday, 5 July 2011

The Time is Running Out Time. Haha!

Okay. I have FOUR unsettled assignments that need to be submitted on the 10th. Yes! 10th July! That's this coming Sunday!

Progression :

1) Workshop Management and Safety

- needs another 20% final touch up
- need to organise the references used in APA format

2) English for Technical Purposes

- Part A : Quite a "done" for me. :P
- already e-mailed to Ann for checkings :)
- Part B : Haven't started anything yet. *takut tak siap tapi MALAS GILA*
- Love the topic, but hate the fact that it's a discussion type of essay. Don't get a stand.
- Imagine : Advantages and Disadvantages of Nuclear Energy. *duhhhhhhhh*

3) Professional Ethics

- Still searching for resources :/
- I don't like this subject, so I delayed myself from doing any research for this assignment *which is not a good idea at all*

4) Curricullum Planning

- Progression is NIL


Tolong saya, saya malas gila semester ni!


Okay, back to work!


Hari ini adalah "Hari Bersama Esaimen"!! :D

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