Friday, 13 February 2009

blog warming greetings

Assalamualaikum.. :8)

i dunno y but as i wake up tadi ive decided to blog seriously. ngee~ i just love to share my thots n opinions, my feelings.. so i said y not? hmmmm.. ive blogged in my ofis blog site but the moderator once told me that the thing only can be seen by the owner je.. aiks? klaka ok..

ok, it's 5 to 8 now. im still on my bed. nak basuh baju, mak da potong line.. :8( terpaksela tunggu.. erk..

oh yes. smlm i went out n lepaks2 with my dear gf zt. hang around her bilik. do some catchups. dah bertaon tak jumpe boleh? padehal duk punyela dekat.. owh, what a bz women we are.. (poyo!).. ok, the updates!! zt dah almost 2 years working as a PA to an architect kat jkr yg tempat aunty waheeda keje tu.. next to medan mara there.. owh, what a story.. n lagi hangat zt bleh eh bercinte ngan mamat satu boss ngan aku.. uik uik.. (neways, samat maju jaye la zt on ur rship ok!). hmm, i never asked what his name is. tapi, the bf is from pj ofis. hmmm, lagi.. owh, it's very sad to hear bile zt cakap mak die saket.. suffering from colon cancer.. (bless her!).. syian mak zt.. nearly 3mths now after she's diagnosed. now, zt tgh sibuk2 settlekan for her to transfer to seremban so that die bleh jage mak die kat sane.. but si sengal ni belum lagi submit form tu to JPA. hadoi la zt.. well, papepun.. let us pray for her mother's wellness..

well, earlier last nite jugak nadia texted me kate nak cite masalah hangat.. i said ok im all ears.. lahaiii.. sian minah ni.. die sedang head over heel for a guy yg oredi engaged. hmmm..

aku tengah tunggu bila dia nak datang n cerita masalah dia tu kat aku.


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