Friday, 30 June 2006


nu job.

am currently working my ass off kat dis fashion line co la.. sangat penat.. but at least i’ll oways have my family n relatives there if anything ever goes wrong… along, su lan n adie (my uncle adie la actually).. the keje is quite ez la.. but then the capacity, pergh! sangat banyak… kalo nak suh aku tunjuk diff die in graphs.. aku gune graf kuadratik.. (sorry for being crappy).. la bla bla.. not even a month aku keje sane, boss’s lil sis (fenly) has been calling me almost everyday. asking 4 help. suh handle red zone’s times square store n the upcoming store that’ll prolly be opened son in swp. sangat pening laa at d 1st time… suruh je aku handle stock, stockcard listing laa.. hek eleh.. da la aku lembab accounts2 ni! tp quite ok laa… things went well je.. kalau tak paham pape, aku tanye su or trus refer kat fenly. owh lupe nak mention, ofis kat ceras bisnes ctr. transportation kat sane cam haram! so, i decided to ikut my "uncle" adie n su everyday to ofis.. malas nak ikot along sbb pempuan tu kua awal. pastu jln kaki cam haram tuuuuuu.. jauh tuuuu from taman midah to ofis.. da la ade anjeng!! berekor2.. cam haram.. ergh… signing off.. ade hal.. later2 i sambong.. dada

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