Monday, 21 August 2006

farehah. then, updates..

i envy dis girl so much. perfect skin, perfect hair, perfect skin’s reflection, perfect figure, almost everything about her is damn perfect! huhu.. lifestyle die pon sangat cool.. tym nak jelite, jelite je die. tym nak elegant, elegant.. tym nak funky, funky.. tym nak sepsi, sepsi.. :8)~ farehah, if u’r reading dis, u go girl!! :8)~ simply becus u dun hav to act supan. seriously, she’s just being herself.. takyah nak pretend2 like u;r sumkind of supan girl.. kan kan??

hmm.. so, imma werk my ass 4 citibank plak.. imma housing loan credit operator! yeh! to sape2 yg nak wat housing loan, approach la i! *wink* keje ok kot.. sbb ade yus.. haha! aku pon tatau fullname die ape.. blasah je panggel yus.. so from tomorrow onwards i’ll be continuing the tradition of my laki.. yeeha! misti nnt dapat jumpe shahril kan? yeh, shahril sangat ensem walaupon susah berbini.. (jgn jeles ye..)

hmm.. da bape mgu since aj balek.. but i never had the chance to meet her yet.. adekah die sangat bz? wid haus stufs prolly. or she just in the mode of not-going-to-socialize, still? perhaps.. i dunno.. i told her oredi yg i merajuk bodo ngan die.. huhu.. (saje) but she never replied my sms since.. let her laa… biarlah… emosi kot.. :8)~

hmmm.. k la.. nak settlekan blogradio.. da~

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