Friday, 18 May 2007

wrecked/screwed? you choose..

Dad. i oways hav fights with babah. big ones. humongous, huge. (u choose). most of the time on money. on payday. about which car imma buy. about my frens. about who’s im seeing/dating. who’s calling me. about my working attitude? (who the heck he think he is?). close frens hav been listening to the craps for years now. argh! the cibai-est fact is: WHATEVER he says GOES. "im the KING of the HOUSE". "if u want to live one roof with me, u must follow my rules or otherwise u can live by yourself outside" (fuck). mcm la aku nak sgt duk kat uma tu! (kan along?). ive punched my bedroom wall to ease the stressful fights.. huuuuuuuuuuuuuuu… sedey.. as usual, "knape idop ni mcm babi?". abah, stop being damn overprotective n pls learn to let go of me. im going on 23 dis year. get a life!

Boy. i hav my own reasons to actually hate or disrespect him. (pegi mampos). i dun care. owh, after what? two to three years now, he came back n showing off his new cipet (gf)–who is happened to be junior than me, 2 years at least– to mak n mak easily accepted him back.. i felt horrible n u can say that im threatened when i heard the news that perempuan zana cipet tu is younger than me. (that im not his ‘lil sis’ anymore) how fuck up is that? (or am i just being a fat ass emolicious sister?) arghh! the next thing i know that he brought the stupid girl (who fall for my asshole brother, the most stupidest, selfish-est human being on earth-after en ajis of course!) to see my psychodad n bam! he liked her (of course cus he cant see ppl’s face clearly).. hek elehh.. n again i was threatened.. how cibai is that? u tell me…

Pempuan ZANA (boy’s cipet). i was having thoughts bout me being rude to her i.e rolling my eyes when she (sincerely kunun2) smiled at me while we’re shaking hands. ok, baru nak insaf skejap tibe2 on mother’s day she blowed my top again! nak suck up my mother wishing happy mother’s day.. (macam takde mak sendiri). kalo takde pon, pegi la wish kat tea lady kat ofis ko tuu!! BONGOK! hahaha.. i then smsed boy n ckp mrapu2…=die tak brani call i.. but he called my mother’s fon 8 times.. tapi aku da wat fon mak to silent mode.. (haha, padan muke ko!!)

Ayu (from mak’s ofis). pempuan psycho from east coast (care not to share the exact state). sukati makapak die je calling my mom mama.. kepale tut laa!!! (owh, i was not threatened langsong dgn pempuan ni…). mak never bother about her. tapi… ergh! rase nak sepak (as slap) her heek off her face when i drop by at mak’s ofis for the first time with sufiah.. bodo dan sgt mangkok.. muke cam iban nak jadi adek bradek aku! ahh, pegi mampos ah sume!!

Aunty Zana (su’s soon wife to be). i dun like her cus she took away my fave, closest, cool, loving uncle away from me.. n now, su looks like a serabai guy with moustache(did i spell it right?) and beard. huduh! she possessed him. n umpan him with money, which is su’s weakness, i guess! huuuuu.. she’s buying him a camry.. skang su da cam arrogant sket.. like 3.2%.. tak cuke!!! nak su yg dulu… oways have time for nieces.. late nite hangouts.. lepak2 tym… now nie, nak tanye opinions on kete pon agak sukar.. every single time i called he’s like " su kat shalam ni adik.. maybe next time.. later aite?" huuuuuuuuuuu!! tak cuke!!!!! aunty zana, dun take away my su lan!! :8((

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