Sunday, 17 August 2008


it’s been a long time since my last post.. been very busy with WORKS WORKS WORKS lately.. hmmphh… lesser times to spend with buds n pets n family..

WORK. for the past one year, everything seems ok.. i cant say that everything’s went wel cus it’s a total lie.. nu job, bigger responsibilities after one of the staff resigned. hmm..

LIFE. life? i dun think i have any since i started working back in operations n maintenance div.. huuuuuu.. sedey! even when aina came back here for hols pun i gotsa see her for one time je.. :8(( sowi lalink.. :8(( renduuuuuu ni… n same goes with rakan2 skola rendah ku.. esp, zul, yayan, reggy, ajoy (sowiiiiiii pasal last minute tak dapat pegi kenduri itu!!)..

LOVE.. <3>

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