Sunday, 25 April 2010

My Clothing Line Business


Hello friendies. I just started running a new business with two of my friends.

We would like to expand our business networking and it would be a great pleasure if you guys add us as a friend in facebook.

You can add us by simply typing Salmah Couture at the search box. Or kindly click this LINK to straightly get connected to our facebook profile page. But then, you will have to add us as friend too to get to see the photo albums.

We are selling clothes at a very gorgeously reasonable price. :)

Ouh, well. And yes, pls ask your friends to add us too. And ask them to ask their friends to also add us there too. :)

Lotsa Love:
B. Disgrace


  1. baju laki ade?
    kat opis ni pesbuk kene blocked!
    memang celake skit..
    kalau nak tgk pon kene conn dari wifi baru bleh open pesbuk..

  2. Men's clothing belum buat. Takut tak dapat sambutan. Nanti kalau demand tinggi, insyaAllah. :)

    ele.. Ko belila untuk bini adik kakak ipar duai dulu. :P