Saturday, 3 July 2010

There Goes My Brasil...

Ok. Memang betul aku sokong Brasil, Nederland and The Argentines for
World Cup 2010.


Aku sedih. :(

Match tadi (BRA vs NED), aku expect Brasil menang. But they didnt.
They only scored one goal. And one own goal. :(

But frankly speaking, Netherlands played very very well on the second
half. Better than Brazil. Lebih-lebih lagi lepas keluar kad merah tu.
Theyre playing 11 against 10 men.

Anyways, Congratulations to my 3rd favourite team! :)

Ps : I think the luck went off for Brazil because of that away jersey.
Haha. Kolot, Nadia!!

Tata Kak√°, Nilmar, D. Alves, Lucio, Robinho, L. Fabiano. (My favourite

B. Disgrace

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  1. aku dapat rasekan germany yg akan menang worldcup tahun nie..
    tak germany , spain pon bleh..
    kite tgk je la..