Thursday, 31 December 2009

My last entry

This going to be the last entry for the year of 2009. Ive already,
vividly structured my new year's resolution in my brain. The
traditional do's and don'ts. Biasa je. But overall, it's quite a long
list juga. Let us ignore the typical end of year question : Adakah
azam tahun 2009 berjaya dicapai? Well, i personally think that the
most important thing of all is the effort in oneself to urge their
innerself to at least set some goals in life to target to. Betul? Apa
yang penting is what's ahead. Kan? Then why bother whether this year's
resolution(s) is successfully achieved. Kalau exam, dapat straight A's
la konon. Hehe.

Ok, whatever pun it is, i like to keep my new year's resolution only
to myself dulu (at the time being). Mungkin aku lebih selesa begini.

Aku nak buat major changes. InsyaAllah. Maybe later-later, i'll type
in a new entry on it.

Have a great 3-day rest, my working adults friendies!


Kissing 2009 goodbye :
B. Disgrace

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