Wednesday, 10 August 2011


Aku tak suka betul. Kenapa nak kena ada diskriminasi untuk engineering field works?

The other day (months ago actually), I was lepaking with my coursemates. Both male. Borak2 over quick lunch. They were both complaining about their work. Arguing on some stuff. Tak bersependapat.

Lepas tu, I jumped in into the conversation. I said, that I have this passion to do site works, that it was the reason why I chose to study Civil Engineering from school to college.

One of the guys, I dont mean to be statist, but he's a Kelantanese, looked down at what I said. He said that women are NOT CAPABLE of working at sites.

Only God knows how I felt against him. The words that came out of this mouth masa tu onwards. I stayed cool cus I still spare some respect towards him sebab dia tua dari aku. Sebab if i was to act defensive on him and his thoughts, I wouldve raised my voice and that itll make me the kuranghajar type.

Still lah, aku tak faham. Kenapa nak pandang rendah sangat dengan wanita? If we say we can, it means WE CAN! Diorang nak kata apa? Panas terik hujan bagai kat site tu? Ya Allah, we are all aware lah about the weather, the Indons, Bangladeshi semua kat site tu.

So far, aku takda lagi jumpa kawan sekos aku yg tak suka kerja lapangan. Semua yang ambil keputusan untuk belajar dalam bidang ni dah tahu lah hala tuju diorang macam mana.

Eee, serius tak puas hati!

I have another story about this Kelantanese guy. Will post it up later.

For now, jom kita tidur! Nanti nak bangun sahur pula!


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