Monday, 3 May 2010

What would you do?

What would you do if you find out that your ex (whom you still hope that they will somehow come back to you) is going to engage/tie the knot very soon?

A) like i care? I dont give a fish.
B) throw the invitation card into the bin
C) cry out loud until your eyes pop out
D) commit a suicide
E) crash their wedding and make a scene
F) stalk the couple and hit them with your car
G) attend the wedding with a big congratulations smile though it eats you from the inside
H) kill his future fiance/fiancee/wife/husband
I) ....................., who? (fill in with your ex's name)
J) send tonnes of inappropriate piccies of you together as a wedding

Keh keh keh.

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  1. shite mannn...hahahaha..probably A, G, H and J... hahahaha!! demmit!!

  2. wooo.. am, nanti takde org nak kat awak. :P takut la, kot2 jodoh tak sampai nanti kena langgar lari. BAHAYA!